Celebrating one year of
Women in Jazz Media

To demonstrate the power of a female collective and what can be achieved when you set your mind to it - here are some of the projects we have completed in just one year.

  • Given platforms to more than 2000 women
  • Increased the gender and diversity balance in some of our partner publications
  • Hosted events at the Vortex and the EFGLondon Jazz Festival
  • Provided paid employment opportunities for nearly 100 women
  • Built a social media presence with over 4000 followers
  • Created three podcast series with an incredible range of inspirational guests and guest hosts:
  • Created the monthly Women in Jazz Media Playlist in March and have so far released 7! We try to share a wide range of women from across the world - new releases, legacy artists, new and established artists and also some women we think you should know about but maybe don't! After our first one, we kept to 15 artists per playlist to give you time to discover, listen and share these incredible women. We also include direct to buy links with each playlist and have published playlist on a Deezer, Spotify and YouTube.
  • We were blown away that we were not only nominated, but won the Parliamentary Jazz Media Award 2021. 🙏
  • Nominated for the International Women's Podcast Award for 'Changing the world one moment at a time'
  • In partnership with Jazz In Europe we have published articles on a wide range of artists, organisations and issues. Writers include: Erminia Yardley Fiona Mactaggart Lara Eidi Esther Bennett Aydenne Simone Mirian Arbalejo Kim Cypher Fiona Ross and Aurelie Freoua.
  • We are absolutely thrilled to finally announce a project we have been working on for some time with the National Jazz Archive 🥳 Tatiana Gorilovsky and Monika S. Jakubowska are to be the first female photographers to be included in the National Jazz Archive 🔥 We are so excited about this!! Tatiana and Monika have selected a stunning range of photos that demonstrate the beauty of the jazz world - and in line with our ultimate goal, the photo selection (just under 100 photos) is gender balanced and diverse. We will share more news about this when the collection is available, but for now, a huge congratulations to Monika and Tatiana for making history!

We are all hugely grateful for everyone's support over the past year and we are really excited about the future!