Mission Statement

  • Promote and celebrate women who work in Jazz Media
  • Encourage and support a more diverse Jazz community
  • Create a healthy and supportive environment for women who work in Jazz Media
  • Encourage collaborative thinking and mutual support within the Jazz community

The Team


  • A new light in 2021. Illuminating a pathway to unify, respect and honour equality and diversity for all women in Jazz.

    Pia Sonne-Schmidt - co-designer, Music Tribes Unite
  • Professionalism, dedication, and perseverance are the hallmarks of sustainable achievement - these are also the tenets that exudes from the mind and work ethic of Fiona Ross. Knowing this in advance, I am convinced that the timely formulation of the Women in Jazz Media project will have the notable characteristics of a global movement sure to resonate in the hearts of many.

    Don Martin - Founder, Jazz Quarterly