Formed on November 24th 2020, Women in Jazz Media is a not for profit organization created to help support and create an equal, diverse, safe and healthy Jazz Industry. We are a team of writers, photographers, painters, musicians, presenters, journalists, producers, editors and more and are based in China, Spain, Germany, Serbia, USA, Scotland, and England but have roots in France, Italy, Jamaica, Poland, Russia and beyond and collectively speak 8 languages.

What do we do?

Jazz represents freedom of expression and yet historically, women, people of colour, the LGBTQ community and many more have not been given equal opportunities in the Jazz industry. We explore a wide variety of initiatives to help increase the gender and diversity balance to ensure everyone has a voice. We look for platforms and where no platforms exist, we create ones to ensure everyone can be represented. We published our first entirely female led and managed magazine, platforming women on International Women’s Day March 2021. Actively seeking out existing female writers to support and promote their work we also search for new female writers and offer support through our mentoring scheme. Working with our partner publications and organisations, we explore the diversity of their content and offer support to increase representation where needed. Through our podcast series, we explore the careers of industry specialists, challenges and inspirations and discuss what actions we can all take to support and encourage a more diverse Jazz industry.

Mission Statement

  • Promote and celebrate women who work in Jazz
  • Encourage and support a more diverse Jazz community
  • Create a healthy and supportive environment for women who work in Jazz
  • Encourage collaborative thinking and mutual support within the Jazz community

The Team


  • A new light in 2021. Illuminating a pathway to unify, respect and honour equality and diversity for all women in Jazz.

    Pia Sonne-Schmidt - co-designer, Music Tribes Unite
  • Professionalism, dedication, and perseverance are the hallmarks of sustainable achievement - these are also the tenets that exudes from the mind and work ethic of Fiona Ross. Knowing this in advance, I am convinced that the timely formulation of the Women in Jazz Media project will have the notable characteristics of a global movement sure to resonate in the hearts of many.

    Don Martin - Founder, Jazz Quarterly