Aurelie Freoua

Painter and Curator

Headshot of Aurelie Freoua - a member of the Women in Jazz Media team team


Aurelie leads our art team and curated our first ever art and photography exhibition as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, platforming female artists and photographers.

Painting is my way to express my ideas, to conceptualise my analysis and describe my perception of the world. Through my work, I try to question and study the notion of invisible. My intention is to catch the instant, extract the poetry and transcribe the indefinable and implicit emotions by giving them a visual dimension, a shape, a colour, a movement, a direction and by playing with contrasts and light. Our precious emotions become visible, almost palpable and their intensity can stay alive.

I want to paint this inner voice that we can hear, a breath, a feeling, an echo, the imperceptible impression and suggestion, the silence, this unconscious that we can’t control. I try to obtain a representation which is close to the initial and real feeling. In my abstract paintings, I attempt to create a rhythm and harmony making forms, lines and light sing and resonate all together. I channel the energy of the ideas going beyond our thoughts and link up the junctions with each other. Everything is ephemeral and in perpetual motion. My work aims at giving substance to the time going and defying the limits of consciousness.  This deep exploration is my way to approach the truth and responds to a constant search for absolute. Every second and emotion become an infinite, a powerful source of inspiration and creation.

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