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Mirian has written several articles for our magazine and Jazz in Europe column including the brilliant ’I Do Write. So Let Me Write’ 

Mirian Arbalejo an award winning popularizer and critic of jazz. She has collaborated as a speaker, writer and musical consultant in various national and international media in the last 20 years. She has internationalized Spanish criticism as an active member of the jury for the  DownBeat magazine Critics Awards , the  NPR Jazz Critics Poll  directed by Francis Davis, the Jazz Journalists Association awards , or the 7 Virtual Jazz Club international contest. She has occasionally been a jury member at the Getxo International Jazz Festival and at Feminajazs.

In 2020 she is invited by the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, where Spanish jazz is heard and discussed for the first time at an event moderated by critic Nate Chinen. In 2021 he gives a webinar together with, among others, the pianist and composer Lafayette Gilchrist. She has a soft spot for record liner notes, having written several for jazz CDs and vinyl. Musician, academic and NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman has described her work as "really great, high level". She is also known to musicians and fans as "Missingduke" for her outreach work on  It Don't Mean A Thing . In 2020 she published the essay The Assignment of Wills .

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