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You can find Monika's stunning photos in all of our magazines, articles and website. We are thrilled to have her shoot some of our live performances. Monika also initiated our photography support fund, offering women with financial difficulties, access to photo sessions.

Born in Suwalki, north-eastern Poland into an artistic family, Monika S. Jakubowska was clearly destined to be an artist. Her mother was a singer and with a bassist for a father, who is also a painter and photographer, Monika took her first photos at the age of 4, always carrying a light meter around her neck along with her father’s camera.

Driven by the desire to change the world, Monika moved to the UK in 2006 with an idea of becoming a photojournalist/war photographer as she ‘wanted to change the world for better, by images, giving voice to those who suffer the most but remain unheard’.

Instead of going to war – jazz happened. Monika went back to her roots, where she felt a sense of belonging and soon started co-working with London Jazz News as a contributing photographer. Since then she has closely worked with London Jazz News, Women in Jazz Media, National Youth Jazz Orchestra and numerous bands and artists. Published in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Financial Times, Jazzwise and many other prestigious music magazines and portals, Monika is the in-house photographer for Kings Place and is also the only female in-house photographer at the world-renowned Ronnie Scott’s.

Monika, along with Tatiana Gorilovsky, is the first female photographer to be included in the National Jazz Archive.

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