WOMEN IN JAZZ MEDIA AT THE EFG LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL: Ladies That Do So Much More Than Lunch with Big Mama

19th November 2022 - Toulouse Lautrec

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Portrait shot of Big Mama

Join us at Toulouse Lautrec for a beautiful opportunity to dine and connect at our EFG London Jazz Festival, and guest speaker Big Mama, Aydenne Simone.

All Jazz women welcome to come link, chat, and collaborate, for a networking event over brunch. 

Expect inspirational chat from 'London's Queen of Swing' Big Mama so called after a song she wrote ‘off the top of her head’ called ‘Mama told me’, which she performed at a wedding in Jersey C.I.) with her function band, ‘Jazz Culture’. Aydenne’s nickname ‘Big Mama’ is not so strange, in African or Black culture ‘Mama’, ‘mummy’ or ‘Auntie’ as a mark of respect for women of a certain age. A matriarch or senior member of a community or family, so, Aydenne being known as 'Big Mama' or just 'Mama’ is a nickname Aydenne simply loves! 

You'll have a chance to meet some of the core members of the Women In Jazz Media team, the venue co-ordinators and mingle with who knows, your next collaborator. 

So seize the day and be welcomed into a blossoming community - book your seat at our table now. 

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