Women in Jazz Media Present: Diana Torti & Sabino de Bari

21st September 2023 - Karamel Club

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Colour head shot of Diana Torti and Sabino De Bari - taken by Monika S Jakubowska

Photography by Monika S Jakubowska

Get ready to experience Sabino de Bari and Diana Torti duo live at the Karamel Club. It will bring you beyond music labels, into a world made of incredible sounds. “It’s All We Have” is a project where musical composition, improvisation and poetry combine into an intimate, immersive, and magical journey.

Sabino de Bari and Diana Torti have been playing and collaborating since 2006. They have been performing and recording various projects and found their unique sound merging their jazz, classical and more contemporary music backgrounds in an astonishing, visionary and at the same time poetic musical language. 

The repertoire you will be listening to will be mostly based on original compositions and some of Diana and Sabino’s favourite jazz standards. You will be amazed to see how rich in ideas, sounds and atmosphere this duo is!

“It’s All We Have” is a project where alongside the musical explorations and ideas, there is an urge to talk about our world and the many ways power is exercised on people – but at the same time where positivity and awareness of the beauty that surrounds us open to a strong feeling of hope.

“Never before has an album’s deep lyrics contrasted so markedly with the lightness and sheer beauty of its sound” - Jazz in Europe

“An album to luxuriate in as Sabino de Bari and Diana Torti embrace jazz, improvisation, contemporary classical and ancient music in an intoxicating and eclectic programme” - Jazz Views

“It's All We Have represents just their second duo album and it is a fine one, with the creative melding of both artists' visions” - All About Jazz