Charlotte Keeffe: Right Here, Right Now Quartet: ALIVE! in the studio

19th September 2023

For her second Discus Music release, Charlotte has convened her regular working quartet to explore open ended versions of her compositions which form the basis of their live set. Captured with energy and clarity in the studio, here we have 50 minutes of real group interaction where the music from each player is balanced equally within the total group sound.

Charlotte writes: "Charlotte Keeffe’s Right Here, Right Now Quartet featuring Ashley John Long, Ben Handysides and Moss Freed, is a breeding ground for squelchy, sploshy, splashy Sound Brush playing - music-making! …Overtly over-blowing, splitting, splattering, squirming, squeaking and squealing out ALIVE! Howling and hooting, chomping and chaffing… Dusty, distorted, flimsy, fragile, manic, ghostly, guttural sound strokes rip through whirlwinds and whirlpools of wholesome gooey-sound-dough! A turbulent tease, staggering, swaying, abruptly plunging into intentional vagueness… A messy emporium of raw, raucous realness. Alive. Right Here, Right Now. It is as it is…"

Charlotte Keeffe - Sound Brush / trumpet, flugelhorn and compositions

Ashley John Long - double bass

Ben Handysides - drums

Moss Freed – guitar

Produced by Martin Archer

Cover painting by Gina Southgate

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