Lucia Fodde: Harlem Beats

26th January 2024

From January 26th, HARLEM BEATS, the latest album by jazz artist Lucia Fodde, is available on all major music platforms, label Timezone Records. Harlem Beats is a bold sonic exploration, reflecting the experimental vision of artist Lucia Fodde. Embracing the classic repertoire of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, Fodde injects a breath of fresh innovation into some of jazz's most celebrated classics.

The album features six iconic tracks, with a standout reinterpretation of Charles Mingus's "Duke Ellington's Sound of Love" as a tribute to her mentor. Electric arrangements challenge conventions, blurring the lines between traditional jazz and electronic elements, paying homage to the genius of Duke Ellington.

The distinctive track of HARLEM BEATS is "In a Mellow Tone" by Duke Ellington, the only track entirely produced by Lucia Fodde, showcasing electronic production and experimentation. The collaborative nature of the track is highlighted by the spontaneous magic of Davide Incorvaia's piano/synth, Aidan Lowe's pulsating rhythm on drums, and the evocative melodies of Greg Ambroisine's trumpet, adding a timeless touch of elegance.

Among the gems of HARLEM BEATS is a moment of pure musical intimacy: Billy Strayhorn's "A Flower is a Lovesome Thing," featuring Lucia's delicate voice accompanied by the ethereal touch of Davide Incorvaia's piano/synth. In the middle of the track, Australian trumpeter Greg Ambroisine joins with a solo, creating a delicate melodic interweaving with the voice and piano/synth played by Davide Incorvaia. It's a moment where the artist reveals herself in her purest and most vulnerable form, capturing the listener's attention with expressiveness and emotional depth. This homage track to the extraordinary composer, considered Duke Ellington's alter ego, demonstrates Lucia Fodde's versatility in exploring new sounds and musical approaches. It's an experience that goes beyond jazz conventions, immersing itself in a world of emotions through the powerful fusion of voice, trumpet, and piano/synth.

The first track of the album, HARLEM BEATS, celebrates the emotional connection between Charles Mingus and Maestro Duke. Mingus's "Duke Ellington's Sounds of Love" is an affectionate dedication to the great Maestro, a tribute that goes beyond musical notes, crystallizing the depth of affection and respect Mingus had for Duke. This track, along with the rest, "Mood Indigo," "Heaven" by Duke Ellington, and "Chelsea Bridge" by Billy Strayhorn, is performed by the full electric quintet.

The essence of HARLEM BEATS is an extraordinary creative alchemy with the talented musicians who accompanied Lucia Fodde on this fascinating musical journey. While Lucia brought ideas and arrangements to life, the electric quintet composed of exceptional musicians like Australian Greg Ambroisine on trumpet, Aidan Lowe on drums, and Italians Davide Incorvaia on piano/synth and Francesco Beccaro on bass, not only contributed to the arrangements but also infused these tracks with a unique artistic dimension.

HARLEM BEATS was recorded at the Ufo Sound Studios in Berlin, under the skilled technical direction of Fabian Knof, the same studio where Lucia recorded her previous album "TRACES OF YOU" in 2022.

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Duke Ellington's Sound of Love (Charles Mingus)

Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington)

Heaven (Duke Ellington)

Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)

In a Mellow Tone (Duke Ellington)

A Flower is a Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)

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