Women in Jazz Media Playlist: Volume 14!

16th June 2022

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Our new Women in Jazz Media Playlist is now out: Volume 14! We publish a new playlist each month and try to share a wide range of women from across the world - new releases, legacy artists, new and established artists and also some women we think you should know about but maybe don't!  We keep it to 15 artists per playlist to give you time to discover, listen and share these incredible women. Do please get in touch if you have music you would like us to include - either your own or recommendations. We are especially keen to share music from female instrumentalists and composers. This month we have published our playlist on both You Tube and Spotify

As always we would encourage you to buy directly from the artist where possible, and all the links are on our site here:

Alina Bzhezhinska Betty Accorsi Germana Stella La Sorsa Emma Smith Dee Alexander Ni Maxine

Isobella Burnham Barbara Thompson Lara Eidi Charu Suri Destiny Muhammad Natalie Greffel

Duchess Trio Artemis Ivy Benson

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