Behind the Pen: A Writer’s Journey with Paulette Jackson

23rd November 2022

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The world of jazz (and music) journalism is a competitive struggle at times, particularly for women looking to break the mould and find a name for themselves in a historically male-dominated industry. Despite this, there are plenty of women who have successfully navigated their writing and journalistic careers, embarking on different paths and timelines to get where they want to be. Women in Jazz Media have been exploring the stories and experiences of several female music writers, who have been transforming perceptions in the music industry one word at a time, including Jane Cornwell, Hilary Robertson, Sandra Booker, Jordannah Elizabeth, Lara Eidi, Fiona Ross and many more. These interviews aim to uncover the wonders and challenges of being a writer, hopefully inspiring many young women to follow their own writing ambitions!

To start off the series, written by Isabel Marquez and published on Jazz in Europe, we’ve spoken to the incredible Paulette Jackson. A published author, the founder and CEO of Jazz Zone Radio, and host of ‘The Classic Soul Music Café’ radio show, Paulette Jackson has built her incredible career from a love of songwriting and storytelling.

Behind the Pen: A Writer’s Journey with Paulette Jackson

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