New Episode! The notes Between with Evie Asio

21st March 2024

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Welcome to the next episode of our podcast series’ The Notes Between’ with Lara Eidi. Conversations exploring everything behind and about the world of songwriting! Our theme music ‘Breathe Love’ is from Lara Eidi herself available here

In this episode, Lara talks to songwriter Evie Asio

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Evie Asio describes her sound as “musical storytelling”, as a result of her desire to provoke emotions and narrative throughout every layer of her music. Evie grew up in South-East London, where she used the range of musical styles around her to begin writing songs at the age of 15. After graduating with a BA in Music, Evie began her music career through releasing a series of experimental projects on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Evie’s Jazz-inspired debut single, ‘Beautiful Love’ [2019], was featured on the AStepFWD September 2019 chart, and led Evie to be named a 2020 One to Watch by Premier Gospel. Throughout her journey, Evie has performed at notable venues such as The Spice of Life, Proud Camden and Jazz Live @ The Crypt, as well as supporting BAYLI on her London headline show in 2022. In November 2022, Evie Asio released her debut album ‘Contending and Contention’, a 9- track concept album dealing with the themes of struggle and self-reflection that she has explored in her own personal battles. The album received critical acclaim in various publications, including Something Else! And Jazz in Europe. Songs across the album have received international radio play, with singles ‘Available’ and ‘From Here’ being named as China Moses’ ‘Late Night Track of the Week’ on Jazz FM, and ‘Turning Time’ and ‘Imperfect People’ being featured on BBC6 Music.

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Athens born to Lebanese Canadian parents, Lara Eidi is an artist that thrives on being different. As an independent artist, singer and multi- instrumentalist, she has carved a path for herself that continuously aimed at reshaping and developing her voice as a storyteller. An accomplished and reputable singer-songwriter, pianist, recording artist and jazz- folk vocalist of her own accord based in London and Athens. Her music has gained her critical acclaim as a genre bending artist (BBC Artist, 2020), described as “a singer with true gift of a voice, a kind soul, and a captivating presence.” (Jazz UK). At the heart of her being as a multi-disciplinary artist, she is sought after as a composer for vocal film scores, writes as a freelance music journalist, and is in demand as a creative workshop leader. Her music seeks to elevate and heal, and as a result, she creates genre- defying songs with a great emphasis on story telling. Her latest album ‘Sun’, her long awaited debut album, is all about pulling the threads of her folk, acoustic rock and jazz-classical upbringing to her message of hope, empowerment, and freedom. As a soloist, her recent debut performance at the infamous Royal Albert Hall, singing select pieces from Greece and Lebanon form the MedievalByzantine Traditions sees Lara engaging on a series of select and innovative performances with the SAUDHA Indian Classical Music Association. 

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