Tina Carr joins our Jazz Sisters benefit event for Anita Wardell!

20th June 2024

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We are delighted to have Tina Carr joining us for our Jazz Sisters: A celebration of vocal jazz, benefit event for Anita Wardell!

What a night it will be with seven brilliant artists performing at this special event to celebrate jazz vocalists and women in the jazz industry to raise money for renowned jazz vocalist Anita Wardell. Vimala Rowe, Lily Dior, Esther Bennett, Diana Torti, Fiona Ross and Tina Carr will bring their unique artistry to a range of jazz standards in an evening full of jazz tradition and elegant atmosphere, accompanied by one of the UK’s most loved pianists, Wendy Kirkland.

Tina Carr is a London-based jazz singer, a newcomer in the jazz scene with a warm authentic vibe. “Tina has a very distinctive voice – a stunning debut… she has leapt into the world of music with both feet  (Jumoke Fashola, Radio London)

I sang from childhood, never had any formal music training and chose not to make my working life in music.  But I always knew I had it in me. A few years ago, I began listening again. I listened at work, at home, in the car, in the street, at concerts, gigs, jams, opening my ears to music across every genre. It took me over.  I threw in the day job and - finding my voice - began to sing again. An older voice maybe – but a true one.

We caught up with Tina to ask her a few questions ahead of the event.

Who are some of the great jazz vocalists you are inspired by?

I have a love of great women singers, from Nellie Lutcher to Carmen Macrae to Annie Ross to Sheila Jordan to Jessye Norman (The latter wasn’t a jazz singer of course – but it was hearing her amazing voice that made me want to sing again)

What can we expect to hear from you tonight and how did you decide on your song?

A kind of dark lullaby...I wanted to sing a song of …comfort. (and one where there's a chance I won't forget the words!)

Have you seen Anita perform – can you tell us a little about her performance

I’ve seen Anita several times – she is a warm and wonderful performer. I love her energy, wit and her vocal dexterity - and how she moves her voice around and around and brings us all in.

What does it mean to you to take part in this event?

I really feel honoured to be part of an occasion which is celebrating the great talent of Anita Wardell, who makes the best music she can and helps many others to do the same.

As a founding Board member of Women in Film and Television, I experienced just how much strength there can be when women support, work, share and are solid together. There’s nothing like it. I’m currently on the advisory Board of the Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network which supports Arab women journalists. We are lucky to have the freedoms we have at a time when women in other countries are losing everything they had gained. We are lucky to have our Voices. In every way.

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