Women in Jazz Media Playlist: Volume 5

27th July 2021

Our new Women in Jazz Media Playlist is now out: Volume 5. For this volume, we have created it on Spotify We publish a new playlist each month and try to share a wide range of women from across the world - new releases, legacy artists, new and established artists and also some women we think you should know about but maybe don't! We keep it to 15 artists per playlist to give you time to discover, listen and share these incredible women.

As always we would encourage you to buy directly from the artist, and all the links are on our site here:

Rebecca Angel Carmella Rappazzo Ashaine White Beverly Bernie Lori Williams Colectiva Aymee Nuviola

Tara Minton Jas Kayser Alice Coltrane Jutta Hipp Julia Biel Charu Suri Helena Debano Betty Carter

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