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  • Hailey Brinnel: Beautiful Tomorrow,

    17th March 2023

    Trombonist and Vocalist Hailey Brinnel issues her soaring sophomore statement Beautiful Tomorrow, due out March 17, 2023 via Outside in Music 

    Outside in Music is proud to announce the March 17, 2023 release of Beautiful Tomorrow, the sophomore recording from vocalist and trombonist Hailey Brinnel. When asked to define her style, the Philadelphia-based artist, whose sound is steeped in swing and bebop, describes her effort to move the genre into new spaces: “I like pushing the limits of the idiom, while staying true to jazz.” 

    Alongside her entrusted quartet with Joe Plowman on bass, Dan Monaghan on drums and Silas Irvine on piano, Brinnel presents her extraordinary comprehension of vintage material throughout this new enterprise, offering two original compositions and eight arranged standards. Special guest trumpeters Terell Stafford and Andrew Carson join the date as well as saxophonist Chris Oatts .

    The release of Beautiful Tomorrow follows a milestone year for the multi-talent in 2021. That March, Brinnel released her critically-acclaimed leader debut I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, which reached #13 on Amazon’s New Release Chart and #44 on Jazz Best-Sellers. Fashioned by her warm and playful arranging expertise, the impressive collection features 8-tracks of early jazz standards. Later that June, Brinnel was named a finalist in the 2021 Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. Critics have regaled the budding talent for her versatile arranging sensibilities, which remain reverent to jazz tradition yet flushed with contemporary nuance.

    Gleaned from the eternal optimist Walt Disney, Brinnel launches Beautiful Tomorrow fittingly with a reimagination of the Sherman Brothers classic “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, a  show tune popularly known as Disney’s theme song after being commissioned by the entrepreneur in 1964. Brinnel’s treatment embraces a reduced big band sound with a full horn shout section, where polished and succinct solos from Oatts and Irvine sit at the heart of the glorious arrangement.

    Two original offerings make up the early tracks of Beautiful Tomorrow, both stellar showcases of Brinnel’s clever and dynamic storytelling abilities. The mischievous “I Might Be Evil” walks listeners through a whimsical tale of confidence. Playful contributions from Irvine help communicate Brinnel’s message beyond the lyrical. Hard-driving swing on “The Sound” follows, a fast-tempo episode of breathless scatting which unites effortlessly with Irvine’s keys. 

    More divergent in its origins from the rest, “Walk Between Raindrops” reimagines the 1982 tune off Steely Dan member Donald Fagen’s first solo album, The Nightfly. Here, Brinnel substitutes Fagen’s original organ solo arrangement for her horn shout section, staying true to her mission to walk along the edges of the jazz frontier. Brinnel jokes that she tends to create “approachable” jazz. “I love making music that people can easily connect to, while still pus hing the genre into new spaces “

    Brinnel gracefully interprets two well-known standards “Tea for Two,” with prolific input from special guest trumpeter Terell Stafford, and “I Want To Be Happy”, both written for the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette. On “Wayfaring Stranger”, a traditional tune that harkens back to the sounds of 1940s New Orleans, Brinnel offers a stunning vocal foray, tapping into her deeper register both vocally and on the trombone.

    Though most of Brinnel’s musings on Beautiful Tomorrow are decidedly cheerful, the warm-toned vocalist takes a departure with the languorous ballad “A Cottage for Sale.” Irvine, fluid and diligent, follows Brinnel as she leads the venture, a parade of the quartet’s synergy.

    Brinnel’s veneration of the piano trio format is most evidently brought forth on the playful and didactic “There Will Never Be.” Monaghan, Plowman and Irvine quickly establish a rhythmic phrase that, matched with Brinnel’s heartfelt phrasing, creates an unbridled sense of elevation and intimacy.

    The album closes by the command of Plowman’s bass on “Candy.” The brief vocal/bass duet is sweet in every essence, acting as a lullaby to close the record while reminding listeners that tomorrow’s forecast is full of swing, tradition and most importantly, beauty.

    Hailey Brinnel website

  • Natalia Kordiak: Ytinamuh

    17th March 2023

    The premiere concert of the new album Ytinamuh from singer, improviser, composer Natalia Kordiak will take place on March 17, 2023 during the Jazz Jantar Festival at Klub Żak in Gdańsk.

    The cycle "Ytinamuh" (Humanity) consists of six pieces connected by open improvisations of musicians in various configurations. Instead of trying to describe the music from the album, I would just like to say that I like to think of it as a story in which what is written in the score intertwines with the madness of improvisation, and sometimes as a way, sometimes safe and orderly, sometimes risky and dangerous, but always beginning and ending with a deep breath. Natalia Kordiak

    Natalia has been nominated for the "FRYDERYK 2020" award of the Polish Phonographic Academy in the PHONOGRAPHIC DEBUT OF THE YEAR - JAZZ category. Leader of her own band, who she has been working since 2019 (Natalia Kordiak Quintet "Bajka", Hevhetia, 2019) and co-founder of the TANŌK band, which she co-created with the Ukrainian jazz pianist Kateryna Ziabliuk. In music, she values ​​the authenticity of dialogue, being present and creating a space where the line between reason and madness blurs, and reality becomes an abstraction.

    Natalia Kordiak - voice & live electronics

    Przemysław Chmiel – tenor & soprano saxophone

    Mateusz Kolakowski - piano

    Alan Wykpisz - double bass & bass guitar

    Grzegorz Pałka - drums

    All music by Natalia Kordiak.

    Recorded live on June 29th, 2022 at the Academy of Music in Katowice by Mateusz Sołtysik.

    Mix & master by Grzegorz Piwkowski

    Cover & design: Anna Kulikowska

    Photos: Przemysław Kleczkowski

    Produced by Natalia Kordiak.

    Executive producer: Maciej Karłowski.

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  • Brava Jazz Publishing Creates a Platform for Women Composers and Arrangers in the Field of Big Band Jazz

    8th March 2023

    Brava Jazz Publishing Creates a Platform for Women Composers and Arrangers in the Field of Big Band Jazz!

    The new publishing company, a collaboration between jazz composer/arrangers Annie Booth and Alan Baylock, launches in Spring 2023 with a diverse catalog of big band music for all ability levels from middle school to professional, composed and/or arranged by women.

    DENVER, March 8, 2023 – The first jazz publishing outlet of its kind, Brava Jazz is on a mission to support and champion women composers and arrangers in the field of big band jazz by creating a platform for their music to be widely published and distributed.

    In pursuit of music that would diversify the UNT One O’Clock Lab Band’s setlists, Alan Baylock (composer, arranger, conductor) discovered that the major publishing outlets offered very few, if any, big band charts composed and/or arranged by women. In considering how he could lend his strengths in jazz arranging, copywork, and bandleading to help the visibility of women in the field, he formed the idea of a publishing company.

    Brava Jazz Publishing began to grow roots when Alan met Annie Booth (composer, arranger, pianist), whose experiences in advocacy for women and young women in jazz inform a meaningful part of her career. Her experience as a big band composer, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, made her a terrific match in this endeavor.

    Brava Jazz Publishing boasts an impressive and diverse artist roster with some of the brightest voices in jazz composition and arranging today. With a diverse array of music for all ability levels from middle school to professional, Brava Jazz provides a definitive resource for jazz ensemble directors to diversify their setlists effortlessly through the performance of the highest quality music composed and/or arranged by women. Aiming to expand the recognition and number of women composing and arranging for big bands Brava Jazz Publishing is making jazz herstory.

    For more information about Brava Jazz Publishing, its catalog, and its artists, visit the Brava Jazz website

  • Noga Ritter: Ima

    8th March 2023

    Singer Noga Ritter Releases Inspirational Song + Video ‘Ima’ (Mother) Celebrating Womankind on International Women’s Day 8th March 2023!

    Noga Ritter is an exciting singer-songwriter poised to release the title track single ‘Ima’ from her 2023 debut album. 'Ima' is a celebration of the creativity and power of womankind. As a much-loved and respected London-based eclectic jazz singer, Noga’s upbeat global grooves have sold out recent London shows including a performance as part of the 2022 EFG London Jazz Festival and the first Jewish fringe festival in London, Tsitsit. Translating from Hebrew as ‘mother’, ‘Ima’ is beautifully enhanced by the sounds of the African kora as performed by Senegalese star kora player, Seckou Keita. ‘Ima’ is being released on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2023 through Galileo Music. 

    Mother & Daughter ‘Ima’ is a very special and personal song for Noga who wrote both the music and lyrics for her mother, Michal Ritter’s 60th birthday. Michal was a super creative woman who worked professionally as a Feldenkrais therapist for many years. Due to unforeseen and a very unfortunate turn of events, in her 61st year Michal Ritter was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in Israel in March 2022. At the time Noga was completing work on her debut album, IMA. One of their last conversations gave Noga the strength to continue work with her album and create an exceptional video for ‘Ima.’

    The Leviot Project Is Born. In her last months, Michal Ritter turned her Feldenkrais therapy studio into an art studio and had 3 art classes a week, 2 belly dancing classes dedicating herself fully to art, during her life she had focused on taking care of others. In a poignant conversation, Noga asked her mother what she would do if she was able to heal herself, to which Michal answered that she would create art, movement and dance meetings for women where they could share thoughts and insights exploring them through art, movement and dance. She would call this group Leviot which is Hebrew for ‘lioness.’

    Fulfilling Michal’s legacy, Noga and her sister, Ossi Ritter created the first Leviot group residency at their parents’ house in Haifa in November, 2022. They invited 5 incredible women from West African and Afro Brazilian dance groups in London whose roots spanned from Brazil, Germany, Chile, Caribbean, Guinea, Yemen, Israel and the UK. Exploring the themes Michal Ritter spoke of towards the end of her life, the Leviot Project ended filming the music video for Noga Ritter’s single ‘Ima’ dedicated to her mother. The women in the video ‘Ima’ are the lionesses of the Leviot Project. 

    As Noga says, This song ‘Ima’ celebrates women, mothers as the creators of life, infinite love and creativity. Featuring Seckou Keita's unique kora sound on this song really brings to life the blessing I wished for all women to fly high and express their full creative power. Dedicated to my mother, Michal Ritter, who passed away from cancer in Spring 2022, this song is a tribute song with a wider message of empowerment and inspiration for women to express their creative voices and celebrate their art.”

    Noga Ritter’s new single ‘Ima’, video and album IMA was made possible by an Arts Council England Project Grant (national lottery fund), Help Musicians UK and by a crowdfunding campaign. The single + video ‘Ima’ is releasing on 8th March 2023 through Galileo Music ahead of Noga Ritter’s debut album, IMA, scheduled for international release on 12th May 2023. 

    You are invited to watch the official video for 'Ima' by Noga Ritter featuring Leviot Collective: 'Ima'

    ‘Ima’ The Single Information

    Artist: Noga Ritter
    Label: Galileo Music
    Digital Single: Ima (Mother) from the May 2023 album IMA
    Language of Song: Hebrew

    Special Note: ‘Ima’ features Senegalese kora player, Seckou Keita
    Release Date: March 8, 2023 

    Artist website for further information

  • Cecilia Sanchietti: Pink

    6th March 2023

    The second single of the new CD "Colours" from Italian Drummer and Composer Cecilia Sanchietti.

    COLOURS is the new Album (the fifth) of Cecilia Sanchietti, Italian drummer and composer based in Sweden and Italy, and will be released in September 23. Two singles have been launched Argento and now Pink. Dark Blue out in June.

    The CD comes from the previous Album released in 2021 with the Cecilia Sanchietti Swedish Quintet “Postcard from Gamla Stan” and aims to continue that pathway: creating music with the fusion of Italian and Swedish sounds, modern jazz mood, contemporary, pop-jazz.

    From the second Album of Cecilia Sanchietti, "La terza via" dedicated to courage, to “Postcard from Gamla Stan” dedicated to the kindness, the new CD “Colours” focuses on emotions and the different pictures that everyone gives to the states of soul. Each track has is colour, Dark blue, Pink, Argento (silver) and more, in which everyone can reflect any appeal or memory.

    Colours is released in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture CM Lerici in Stockholm and the Swedish Embassy in Rome.

    Cecilia Sanchietti - Drums and composition
    Feat. Lutte Berg - Electric Guitar
    Alberto Pinton - Bass Clarinet
    Adam Forkelid - Piano
    Par-Ola Landin - Doublebass

    Available to buy here

  • Faye Patton: Soho Nights

    3rd March 2023

    The culmination of many years work, Soho Nights is a smooth selection of funky nu jazz from musical polymath Faye Patton. Songs of love, travel and inspiration to fire and inspire. As featured on Jazz London Radio and Resonance FM. Showcasing blistering piano riffs, smooth bass grooves, lush BVs and vocal pyrotechnics - with a guest appearance on 3 tracks from world class sax player and long-time collaborator, Tony Kofi.

    ''Fabulous, fabulous musician. Her band is superb. A live experience is essential, as are her Faye's recordings. Follow her! See her! Enjoy her music! '' (Debbie Golt, Outerglobe, Resonance FM)

    ''Solid gold. Essential feminine Steely Dan for the 21st Century'' (Jazz singer Sue McCreeth)


    Faye Patton - Vocals/Keys/Songwriting.
    Ian Newton-Grant - Drums.
    Harry Gould - Bass.
    Ryan Pope and Ryan Barquilla - Electric Guitar.
    Tony Kofi - Saxophone.
    Recorded and mixed by Felix Macintosh
    Mastered by Chris McCormack
    Photography by Tina Korhonen Faye Patton and Jazzy Ron.
    Design by Birikiti Pegram and Faye Patton.
    Executive Producer - Faye Patton.
    All songs composed by Faye Patton.

    Available to buy here